Pentatec was born in 1990

Pentatec supplies services and products in Gas Market and have
more than 25 years of experience in providing support
and maintenance service.


Pentatec move to new headquarters in Curno (BG):
where all products and systems are assembled and tested. Pentatec became
a partner of Tecno Project Industriale,
supping Analysis systems for CO2.


Pentatec join Tecno Project Industriale
group and became Pentatec SRL.

More than 150 Analysis system are present in Italy market.
We supplies gas analysis instruments and systems for quality control
in Industries as well as in Gas Companies.

Our Main products/services are:

- Impurity analyzers in CO2 for food and drinks (ISBT- EIGA- FU)
- Laboratory quality control analysis systems (standard mix)
- Analyzers for Air Separation unit plant
- Analysis systems fully automatic in CQ
- Analysis system for impurities in UHP gas - Liquid oxygen (LOX), Liquid argon (LAR)
- Liquid nitrogen (LIN)

Main clients are

- Technical Gases and pure gases
- Food Industry (Gas)
- Gas Medicali
- Medical Gases
- Laboratory Analysis
- Systems for Quality Control
- University research laboratories