Pentatec provided solutions for gas analysis automation since 1990, and is a supplier to all the main Italian industrial gas producers, creating quality certification systems for technical gases and pure gases and gases for the electronics industry. In addition, gives assistance and maintenance services for the analyzers of all installed systems.

Pentatec was born in 1990

Pentatec supplies services and products in Gas Market and have more than 25 years of experience in providing support and maintenance service. for analysis systems based on gas process chromatographs from AGC Instruments L.d.t. and Shimadzu Laboratory gas chromatographs.

In 2004

Pentatec move to new headquarters in Curno (BG): where all products and systems are assembled and tested.
Pentatec became a partner of Tecno Project Industriale, supping Analysis systems for CO2.

In 2008

Pentatech becomes a channel partner of Servomex L.d.t., a world leader in the production of analyzers

In 2013

Pentatec join Tecno Project Industriale group and became Pentatec SRL.

In 2015

Pentatec becomes a channel partner of V&F, a manufacturer of process mass spectrometers

In 2019

Pentatec becomes a distributor of MEECO Inc., a world leader in the production of moisture analyzers

Our Main products are:

More than 200 our analysis systems are present in Italian market.
We supplies gas analysis instruments and systems used in following applications:

Gas quality control in Laboratories.
Fully automatic analysis systems in gas quality control.
Process monitoring systems for ASU plant.
Systems for medical certification of Liquid Oxygen (LOX), Liquid Argon (LAR), Liquid Nitrogen (LIN) in gas industry.
Analysis of impurities in ultra-pure gases (UHP) for the electronics industry.
Systems for certification for Food, Medical and Beverage use of CO2 from production and recovery plants.

Industrial sectors in which our main customers are

- Technical Gases and pure gases
- Food Industry (Gas)
- Gas for the electronics industry
- Medical Gases
- Gas for the food industry (Food Grade)
- Laboratory Analysis
- Systems for Quality Control
- University research laboratories
- Metrological centers - Reference laboratories.