Pentatec understands that reliable analysis and measurement of gases is only one aspect of maintaining proper control of the total Industrial Gas production process. By providing you with products that use stable, long- life and low maintenance. We ensure that our equipment will help to achieve the highest efficiency, yield and quality for your product.

Technical Gases and pure gases
Pentatec analysis systems are used to identify impurities in Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon and are able to automatically perform all the analyzes necessary for the certification of products according to the official Pharmacopoeia and compliance with the standards required for the Food certification of gases.
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Food Industry (Gas)
Pentatec first introduced automation in scientific instruments for CO2 production plants quality monitoring. Its rack- mounted gaschromatograph supplies a continuous determination of CO2 total purity for a lot of elements, like sulphur compounds, hydrocarbons, aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons, inert gases. The analysis required for Pharmacopoeia and Food use standards compliance.
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Medical Gases
On-line Quality Control is a flexible and high performance Certification System, this application is focused on Medical Gases compliance.
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Laboratory Analysis
Pentatec supplies analytical systems to certify gas production quality, based on custom engineering of gas chromatograph.
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Analysis system for impurities in UHP gas
LIN- LOX- LAR ANALYTICAL SYSTEM is used to detect impurities in high purity gases, low level can be reached in measure using this type of application.
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Reference Laboratories
Pentatec provides customized solutions according to the applications requested by the customer, based on the engineering of Shimadzu bench top gas chromatographs. The manufacturer's original software can be managed by Pentatec software for the automation of the analyzes and the integration of the instrument within a dedicated system