Based on "Purge and Trap" analytical technique, the system provides to analyse:
Sulphur compounds, 1-5 ppb level; BTX, 1-5 ppb level; Chlorineted compounds, 1-5 ppb level; Bromurated compounds, 1-5 ppb level

The system provides to:
- block impurities into a Peltier
- cooled trap
- purge the sample matrix
- inject the concentrated sample into a capillary column

Peltier cooling system
- no liquid gas need
- monolithic or splitted box
- power supply 230 VAC
- approx weight 10 Kg
- communication with PC by RS232 interface


  • Improve sensibility to ppb level
  • Peltier cooling system
  • No Liquid gas need
  • Monolithic or splitted box