Food Industry (Gas)

This system is an example of our application applied to CO2 Industry.
Pentatec supplies a fully automatic system.

Quality control system for tankers for liquid
Pentatec supplies a fully automatic system to manage the complete process of road- tanker loading under CO2 quality control which assures:
- the control of the automatic filling sequence for liquid in transportable tanks
- the analysis of residual impurities in the road-tank to be filled
- the analysis of the product loaded
- the print out of delivery bill and quality certificate.

How the system works
When a road-tank arrives it is recognized by the driver badge. As soon as flexible hoses are connected, the analysis of the road-tank starts to avoid any product contamination. If everything is OK, the system fills the tank truck in a closed loop configuration. If not, the truck is filled in open loop mode. Once completed the filling, the system prints out the Liquid CO2 certificate of analysis and the Bill of Loading. The system can also be connected to the Factory truck weighing system.


  • 24 hours loading
  • No personnel required (any manual operation is done by the truck driver)
  • Quality certificate
  • Automation
  • Product traceability
  • CO2 product batch analysis According to ISBT EIGA criteria
  • Versatility