Medical Gases

On- line Quality Control is a flexible and high performance Certification System, this application is focused on Medical Gases compliance,
When a continuous gas analysis is necessary to assure production quality, Pentatec manufactures special rack 19’’ equipped with process instruments and analysers. The rack 19’’ includes Beside the gaschromatograph itself, PENTATEC system foresees: - multi point sampling system, fully automatic - sampling and auxiliary gas control system

Many features for this type of application

  • GC analyserbased on gaschromatography
  • Paramagnetic analyser
  • Zirconia probe oxygen analyser
  • Infrared detector gas analyser
  • Total Hydrocarbon analyser
  • Electrochemical sensors analyser
  • Moisture analysers


  • print certificates;
  • communicate with a PLC PLANT by Bus interface (MODBUS – LAN - RS232 or contact closure)
  • send alarms/information about analysis results and system state