Values of Pentatec and quality policy

Values of PENTATEC

PENTATEC is committed to following the main corporate values:

  • Experience, tradition and solidity;
  • Reliability, seriousness and competence;
  • Research, technology and innovation;
  • Attention to social and cultural issues.

These values are inspired by clarity and transparency and translate into rigorous compliance with the laws, in respect of employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders, in fair competition, with the utmost attention to quality, safety and the safeguarding of environment and social responsibility towards the community and institutions.
Furthermore, PENTATEC in its specific activity undertakes to confirm these values

  • Reliability, in terms of production quality and timeliness in responding to customer requirements;
  • Maintaining a relationship of absolute trust with customers, based on clear objectives and transparency in operation;
  • Professional update in order to keep our company always competitive in specific innovation factors;
  • Availability of equipments and advanced instrumentations.

Quality policy

To compete in competitive markets it is requested to understand the customer’s desires and meet his needs; this is one of the primary goals of PENTATEC.Srl
Customer satisfaction has to be achieved through a continuous investigation of his needs and through his continuous involvement on relationship and transparency, in order to achieve a mutual enrichment and in order to learn more about the features of the service that appreciates and considers Quality.
Customer satisfaction is to be achieved through:

  • compliance with laws and contractual rules on quality;
  • obtaining quality level in an efficient and cost-effectively;
  • defect prevention;
  • non-admissibility of compromises in terms of safety of the product and its use;
  • individual responsibility and quality of work product;
  • registration and availability of data on quality control as objective evidence of product quality;
  • adequacy and respect the effectiveness of the Quality System, constantly monitored;
  • commitment by each business function to consistently meet all our customers’ needs;
  • commitment of all employees and suppliers in order to obtain a continuous quality improvement

Pentatec, reflecting the above conditions and commitments, has implemented a system of quality management in accordance to ISO 9001: 2015 in order to obtain a certification by independent Organisation for projecting , construction, installation and service of analytical systems for gas analysis. The management is committed, then:
• to support and implement this policy;
• to implement all necessary measures to spread, comprehend and implement this policy of quality;
• to ensure the availability of resources needed to implement and to maintain the Quality Management System.
• to pursue all the goals set in view of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of all Pentatec.

The Management is confident in the highest commitment of all staff in the pursuit of company's objectives and  in the application of the provisions in the Quality Manual and associated documents, and for this purpose makes use of Quality Manager support