Fully automated system to detect impurities into Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon bulk samples.
Pentatec manufactures special rack 19’’ equipped with process instruments and analyzers. The system is able to perform all the analysis to be conform to the Pharmacopeia compliance. A software collect all results from various instruments into specific reports, and store results with all information about the specific sample analyzed.

- The software perform analysis by:
- Manual start
- Remote start by input contact closure
- Scheduled start
- Remote start from badge reader station

The system can be combined with multiple sampling system
- sampling and auxiliary gas control 
- automatic truck loading system

Multi-point sampling system: can be connected to an automatic feature that analyzes  different samples using multi point sampling system following a programed sequence.
Sampling and auxiliary gas control system
- gas flow and pressure during  all operation are monitored
- automatic truck loading system
- the system automatically transfer the product from field to laboratory, purge the tranfert line and flows sample to the instruments.

The analytical station provides to:
- starts analysis and print certificates
- dialog with PLC by contact closures
Option to provide a unique solution: the complete system into small prefabricated shelter


  • Runs automatically and operated by an operator not necessarily expert in gas analysis
  • It works organically with multiple analyzers by providing a single solution for managing the system of product quality