Food and Beverage Industry requires a continuous check of Food Grade CO2 production to assure its compliance with ISBT/EIGA specifications. TPI-Pentatec CO2 Gaschromatographic Analysis System supplies a continuous determination of CO2 total purity for a many elements, like sulphur compounds, hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons,halogenated hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and inert gases. Pentatecanalyser is designed to supply the highest accuracy and reliability with minimum cost. The system can be combined with:

-Power Supply 230V 50Hz
-Sampling and auxiliary gas control

Gas Supply
- Helium 5.0 (>99.999%)  supply pressure 6 Bar
- Hydrogen 5.0 (>99.999%) supply pressure 2 Bar
- AIR 5.0 (Zero grade) supply pressure 2 Bar

- multiple sampling system
- sampling and auxiliary gas control
- automatic truck loading system.


Features, benefits

  • Automation, easy to use
  • Product traceability
  • CO2 product batch analysis According to ISBT EIGA criteria
  • Versatility